Blog #4

Assignment #3 (Inquiry-Based Learning)
Making an IKEA Bed

Pose questions: I started with “What am I going to learn?”. The answer came when I looked at the single bed in the spare bedroom at the cottage. A double bed would be more functional. The second question was “How am I going to get a bigger bed to the cottage?”. An IKEA bedroom flyer answered that.
Find resources: Many people have made IKEA furniture so there were suggestions on needing two people to carry the boxes and tackling the assembly in an open space. I have lots of tools and IKEA includes IKEA-specific ones.

Interpret information: The suggestions helped me to buy the right bed and take it to the cottage. The need for space was obvious so I moved the existing furniture to the side to create an open space to start; I made a bigger space later. The “wooden” bed components were simple but the instructions and fasteners took much longer to understand. After sorting out the instructions and booklet, I was ready to start. As the bed is at the cottage, the assembly is underway but not yet completed.

Report findings: I took pictures at IKEA and at the cottage. As I thought I should be in some of the pictures, I had help with the pictures. I picked 18 representative pictures and put them into a logical sequence in Google Slides. I added opening and closing slides as well as a description about what each picture represented. It was great that the pictures and presentation were all done on a iPhone.

A second IKEA bed would be much easier as I learned by doing. Our students will also learn by doing so it should be part of our instructing.

Learning by Doing


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