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Digital Storytelling

Digital storytelling is a new concept for me. It isn’t currently used in our accounting or business analysis instruction and I would need something to guide me. I searched for guidance and found a Digital Storytelling Workshop online at

This workshop told me digital storytelling is a short story told through a recorded message of about 250 words and supported by music or other sounds and about a dozen still or moving images. Apple works well with GarageBand for the audio and iMovie for the video. Other resources are Audacity for audio and Photoshop for video.

With this new knowledge, I could see digital storytelling being used in a flipped classroom setting for either accounting or business analysis. The students would be given a introduction to digital storytelling, a sample, and a link to the workshop. They would then be asked to select a topic from a hat including “How to get approval for a recommendation” and “How to generate solutions”. The students’ task would be to create a digital story using the parameters of two to three minutes, about 250 words, and about a dozen images to demonstrate how they would deal with the topic selected. We’d set up a storytelling day or two so the students’ work could be showcased in a logical learning sequence.
The value of this approach includes the variety in classroom experiences, the opportunity for the students to use technology, and the potential for students to use their creativity. Younger students with a keen interest in technology could be highly motivated by this approach. Other students may be more hesitant so it may be helpful to have a preparation period where the keener students could inspire the other students and the instructor could also provide guidance.


One thought on “Blog 3”

  1. Hey Ted! Thanks for the information about the digital storytelling workshop. It sounds really interesting, I am definitely interested in looking more into it. I really like your idea of getting your students to create digital stories based on case scenarios. I seems like a great way to spark creativity and ‘mix’ things up a little in the classroom. I agree that some students would likely be hesitant about such a project, particularly in the business programs. I also noted in my blog this week that when introducing this assignment to post-secondary students it would be of the utmost importance that learning objectives are clear and that students understand the benefits of the project. I find that when we ask students to complete assignments that are ‘less traditional’ there can be some resistance. In these situations we really need to sell the idea and get buy-in from the students in order for it to be successful.


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