Blog #1

21st Century Educational Technology and Learning by Mike Gorman

This is a series of three articles written in 2015.
The theme is the students not the technology should be the focus. The integration of technology should give the students a learning experience. Gorman gives five tips for technology integration:

use a step by step process and celebrate student successes

go beyond the device to give students the opportunity to control their learning

be open to new possibilities such as having students be the curators of their own content

go beyond the shiny new technology to ensure the students have career ready skills

amplify the learning experience through flipping the classroom and other supportive techniques
He also points out we live in an era that includes the advantages of 

free or at list free ‘light’ versions of technology

technology that works on PCs, tablets, and smartphones

short learning curves for technologies

technologies that facilitate student centred learning

content and performance based standards
He concludes by providing various tools he’s found to be helpful including:

Weebly: provides an easy website creation tool

Blendspace: brings instructor and other lessons together through a link

Quizziz: makes a quiz for group and individual learning

Nearpod: shares slide shows

Formative: offer feedback to students and groups

Graphite: provides a searchable lesson builder

CCSearch: queries a number of free online services

OER Commons: pulls pertinent info from a variety of open education resources

Google Advanced Search: research topics on a more focused basis

Your Next Read: provides reading selection based on gentle etc

ePub Bud: allows students to create and the publish their writing for audiences
There are many tools available to help the instructor guide the student to a positive student centred learning experience.



Technology and Student Centred Learning


2 thoughts on “Blog #1”

  1. Great post Ted. I love the article that you have chosen. I really liked all of the tools that were given, such as Weebly, Quizzez, and Nearpod. I like that you shared those, there are so many out there that many teachers don’t know of. Some I have never heard of but will have to check them out. I have actually used Nearpod though and it is a great tool, very helpful in the classroom. I would like to hear something about how you feel about technology in the classroom? As well do you think that it would work well in your accounting class?


    1. Hi Thanks. Accounting students come from various programs. My BIT (programming) students prefer using online tools so I can readily see them using some of these online tools. It’s great the author had a number to suggest.


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